Types of Yachts

The type of yacht you choose for your luxury charter vacation will shape the experience that you have, so it is important to understand what each charter yacht has to offer before you make a decision. There are many different terminologies used throughout the yachting industry and getting to grips with the basics is a good starting point to ensure the ultimate luxury charter vacation.

The term yacht refers to a luxury pleasure boat. Many charter yachts available are considered a superyacht meaning that they are over 24m (78’) in length and can carry a large number of guests, with luxury amenities on board. Megayacht is another term that usually refers to larger superyachts above 80m (260′).

Luxury charter yachts come in various types, the main ones being motor, sailing, catamaran, and gulet which can then be categorised into their own sub groups. For example motor yachts are divided into those with one engine, two or more engines, flybridge or open, each offering different benefits depending on the charter vacation you wish to have. Whether you are looking for high-speed performance or exploration and adventure, read our full guides to luxury yacht types to find the perfect one for you.

Sailing Yacht

Sailing yacht sailing across the blue ocean.

The sailing yacht is one of the most traditional types of yachts that people purchase. When people want to be able to go out on the water and have a classic sailing adventure, owning a sailing yacht is going to be able to make that happen. These types of yachts are sailed with traditional sails, which can be quite challenging if you don’t know what you are doing. Sailing a ship using only the wind and your sails is a very interesting experience.

The fact that it is challenging and that it replicates the old way of doing things is precisely what is so appealing about sailing yachts. People who are very into sailing will absolutely adore owning one of these yachts. There are a few different types of sailing yachts that you will be able to choose from, as well. The traditional ones will only have sails to hoist and will not feature a motor.

You will also be able to purchase hybrid yachts that are primarily meant for sailing, but they also feature a motor. This can be very handy to have in case of an emergency. Being able to use the motor when you need to can be very convenient. If you run into issues with your sails or bad weather, it can be beneficial to be able to get back to port as quickly as possible.

There are also yachts that have sails, but they also have modern instruments to make navigation and sailing easier. You will be able to find a sailing yacht that will suit your tastes. Just think about what type of experience you want to have. Once you have looked over all of your options, you should come across the perfect sailing yacht for your journey.

Expedition Yacht

An expedition yacht cruising near a snow-capped mountain.

An expedition yacht isn’t the type of vessel that most people will purchase for random pleasure weekends. They would work just fine for those purposes, of course, but they are really meant for longer journeys. These yachts are capable of sailing for really long periods of time while remaining self-sufficient. This is crucial for people who are planning long sea voyages around the globe.

Expedition yachts are incredibly powerful, and if you ever get the chance to sail on one, you will be very impressed with it. These ships are capable of sailing very efficiently, as well. They make good use of the resources available in order to complete long journeys without any hassle. Vessels like this make it simple for people to stay out at sea for long periods of time without being inconvenienced.

One of the advantages of taking an expedition yacht on such a long journey is that you won’t have to sacrifice your comforts in any way. These yachts can be loaded up with everything that you need to stay entertained and happy on a long voyage. These luxury ships are able to combine efficiency and practicality with all of the luxuries that you enjoy. Some of the expedition yachts are so lavish that it isn’t unlike staying in a luxury hotel.

People use these expedition yachts to go all over the world. When someone wants to go on a journey to a faraway place in style, taking an expedition yacht is going to be one of the best options. These yachts are very pricey, and most people will not be able to afford them. A lavish expedition yacht is going to be even more expensive than most of the other yachts on this list.

Motor Yacht

Motor yacht leaving white foam trails across the sea.

A motor yacht is a modern version of the sailing yachts that everyone knows and loves. These types of yachts are among the most common. They are very nice to use for parties and even just casual getaways. People often charter these motor yachts for special occasions in order to have a really good time.

When most people think of a yacht, they think about some type of party ship. Many companies that charter out vessels such as these use them for upscale parties. These ships are just the right size to be able to host a fairly sizeable group. You will be able to have a fantastic time if you have a special event out on the water in one of these motor yachts.

Yachts like these usually include all sorts of fun things for people to enjoy. It isn’t uncommon for these yachts to have hot tubs, dance floors, bars, and even swimming pools. If you want to make your next birthday party truly special, then chartering a motor yacht may be your best bet. It can certainly help you to create some fantastic memories.

These motor yachts can be good for helping you to take a vacation, as well. Those who own these types of yachts will use them to sail to different destinations. They may not be well-suited to travel to certain places in the world depending on the type of hull that it has. Simply take all of the important factors into account before planning a voyage with your new motor yacht, and you will always have a great time.

Classic Yacht

Two classic yachts sailing across the ocean.

Classic yachts are generally considered to be yachts that were built in the past. Some people have different definition and standards for what makes a yacht a classic. The older the yacht is, the more likely it is to be considered a classic yacht. There are yachts that were built in the 1920’s that are still being used as recreational vessels in the modern era.

People who own certain yachts from the 1970’s also consider their ships to be classics. The basics that you need to understand are actually fairly simple. A classic yacht has a certain feeling to it that you don’t get when you sail on a modern ship. These vessels are sometimes made mostly out of wood, and other classic yachts are made out of steel.

Many of these classic yachts were completely handcrafted. There is speculation that the handcrafted nature of these yachts is what ultimately gives them their charm. Whatever your feelings on the issue are, it is undeniable that the older style of yachts can be very appealing. These ships have a very interesting aura and seem to exude a classic sense of luxury.

Sometimes the interiors of these classic yachts will be kept the same as they were in the year that it was made. This can lead to some interesting design choices that may not mesh well with modern sensibilities. Regardless, if you want to get the full experience of the classic yacht, keeping things as they once did have some merit. If you want to get a feeling for what yachting was like in the past, then chartering a classic yacht can be a very intriguing experience.

Fishing Yacht

A fishing yacht navigating the ocean.

If you want to go on a fishing trip for your vacation, then you may want to consider doing so on a fishing yacht. There are yachts that are specifically designed for the purpose of fishing. Fishing is one of the oldest traditions that humanity has. So many people enjoy fishing for recreational purposes and being able to do so on a luxurious yacht is really something else.

There are yachts that are used for more casual fishing trips. You will also find that people use sports fishing yachts to go on fantastic fishing adventures. Sometimes people will use yachts to go to interesting places in the world where the fishing is said to be particularly noteworthy. Wherever you decide to take a fishing yacht will be interesting due to how fun these ships are to use.

You’ll have the normal luxuries that you will want to make use of in any yacht. These yachts can still be a great deal of fun for anyone who wants to have a party. The added benefit is that the deck of the ship is designed in a way that is conducive to fishing. You’ll be able to access the waters properly and will potentially be able to haul in some truly impressive catches.

The yacht will have plenty of room for all of your fishing gear, as well. When people charter a fishing yacht, it will sometimes come with all of the gear that you will need. You should check with the owners ahead of time so that you will know what you need to bring with you. If you’re a true fisherman, then you will definitely want to purchase one of these for yourself if possible.

Gulet Yacht

Gulet yacht on water at sunset.

The Gulet yacht is something that originally comes from Turkey. This yacht is interesting because it can feature two or more masts. In the past, these vessels were used to transport goods. They are very worthy vessels that were originally designed to keep cargo safe from harm during transport.

Modern Gulet yachts are used more for pleasure. They are sought-after because of their beautiful wooden hulls. These hulls can be very ornate while still being practical and safe. People who appreciate the beauty of a finely-crafted ship will love owning one of these Gulet yachts.

This is an incredibly stable ship to sail in too. If you want to sail on a ship that is going to feel as natural as possible, then a Gulet yacht is a good choice to make. It is very sturdy and will be completely capable of getting you to your destination safely using only the wind in its sails. Modern Gulet yachts will also be equipped with motors, in most cases.

Gulet yachts are becoming more and more popular. People are starting to charter these yachts more frequently, and many yacht enthusiasts are pining to add a Gulet yacht to their fleet. The beauty of the ship combined with its fantastic capabilities makes it easy to see why it is so sought-after. These yachts are truly exceptional, and you will want to experience one first-hand when you get the chance.


A catamaran yacht on tropical water.

If you don’t know a whole lot about ships, then you might see a catamaran yacht and wonder exactly what it is. A catamaran yacht is a vessel that has more than one hull. A design featuring two hulls can be ideal for certain situations. These yachts are very interesting from a visual perspective, and many of the design choices are quite fun.

Many catamaran yachts will have more room than a traditional yacht. This means that people will have more space to spread out, and it can be even more fun for parties. The overall layout of these catamaran yachts lends itself well to being a party vessel. This makes catamaran yachts among the most popular chartered ships each year.

Of course, there are different styles of catamaran yachts that you will be able to choose from. You will find that there are catamaran yachts with traditional sails and ones that feature a motor. Both of these types are actually fairly common, and sometimes a catamaran will feature both. The type of catamaran that you will want to charter will largely depend on your intentions for your excursion.

The interior of the yacht will typically be very stylish to accommodate the needs of its guests. This is definitely a luxury vessel through and through. No matter what style of catamaran you decide to go with, you will have an excellent time. It’s a good vessel to choose for those who get seasick, as well, since the increased hull space makes things feel less cramped.


A cruiser moving across the ocean.

Cruisers are yachts that are typically used for taking a small group out to have some fun. Unlike some of the incredibly large yachts listed earlier, cruisers can be a bit smaller inside. There are also large yachts that are classified as cruisers, but generally, you will be using cruisers for small recreational trips. If you want to go out on the water to have some fun with your closest friends, then owning a cruiser is going to be perfect for your needs.

These types of yachts are great when you want to be able to have some versatility. You will easily be able to access the water when you’re sailing a cruiser. This makes them perfect for those that want to go out fishing or even swimming in the ocean. You will be able to get where you need to go and will have a good time once you get there.

Yachts like these are typically a bit shorter than most of the other yachts featured here. Some of the fishing yachts will be around the same length. A cruiser may be between 30-feet and 60-feet long, although there are plenty of variances. Regardless of the size, it is still a great ship to own, and the fact that it is not overly long can be an advantage in some ways.

These are fun yachts that will be the perfect purchase for a first-time yacht owner. You can make a lot of fantastic memories when you have a vessel like this to use. The ship is generally very easy to handle, too, so it’s great for a newcomer to own for that reason. The cost of a nice cruiser is going to be agreeable as well, as it isn’t quite as costly as many of the other yachts that have been featured so far.

There are those who think of cruisers are more similar to speedboats. It is true that there are similarities between cruiser yachts and speedboats, but this is definitely distinct enough to be considered to be its own thing. You’ll be able to enjoy this cruiser yacht to its full potential without much worry. Whether you want to enjoy a romantic getaway or you are looking forward to a little party with your closest friends, you’ll love owning a cruiser yacht.


Luxury yacht flybridge with white modern design and amenities.

The flybridge design is very interesting because it will allow you to go fishing very easily. This is one of the most popular styles for fishing yachts. It makes accessing the water easier than it would otherwise be. You’ll be able to have a great view out onto the water and will have an easy time fishing.

There are some occasions where a motor yacht will also have a flybridge. Even so, this style is most closely associated with fishing yachts. It just works so well for that purpose that it makes sense overall. You’ll be able to have a really good fishing trip if you choose a yacht in this style.

The large cockpit is one of the standout features of a flybridge style yacht. It makes it simple to haul in the fish in comparison to other styles. You’ll also have enough visual range to be able to spot your lines and other important things. If you want to have a nice fishing vacation with your friends, then chartering this type of yacht is highly recommended.

You’ll be able to enjoy the overall power of these types of ships, as well. They are designed to be able to handle rough weather well and will be able to get you back home fast when you need to leave. You’ll have nothing to worry about when you charter a nice yacht like this. It’ll be a good experience so long as the fish are biting.


A pair of three-decker luxury yachts.

Tri-deck yachts can really be quite impressive to see up close. Multi-level yachts aren’t too uncommon, but when you have a three-leveled deck, it can be a sight to behold. These yachts are really interesting to sail on, and you will often see tri-deck designs on luxury cruisers. They will give passengers a lot of space to enjoy themselves.

Tri-deck style yachts are really common on vessels that are meant for upscale vacations or parties. Giving guests enough room to have a lot of fun is important. These yachts will often have plenty of interesting recreational facilities. You might even find a tri-deck yacht with multiple lavish swimming pools or something like a tennis court.

Owning a large yacht like this will require quite a large investment. When you want to be able to have the best, you’re going to need to be able to pay for it. Even so, these yachts are well worth the high asking price. They’re excellent for recreational purposes and will always be able to help you have a good time.

The sheer amount of enclosed living space available on a yacht of this type is impressive. You’ll be able to host many people on a yacht of this size. This makes hosting corporate parties on yachts such as these very popular. It can be a great vessel to own when you want to seal the deal on an important business deal.

Sky Lounge

A luxury yacht's sky lounge interior.

Having a sky lounge on your yacht can potentially be a lot of fun. A sky lounge will generally be located at the top of the yacht. This design features windows that can open in order to feel the cool air. This is a completely livable space, though, making it a fun room to stay in when you’re spending time on the yacht.

The view from the sky lounge is usually quite gorgeous. Most of the yachts that feature a sky lounge design will ensure that this room has all of the amenities that you would expect. It will be climate controlled and will be perfect to stay the night in. People often enjoy spending time in the sky lounge with their significant other due to the romantic qualities that it has.

Some of these sky lounges may even have sunroofs. This can be really nice when you want to be able to look up at the stars at night. It’s a really neat feature to have on your yacht, so you will want to keep it in mind. It isn’t the most common yacht feature but you should be able to find a fantastic vessel that has a sky lounge for you to enjoy without too much of a hassle.

If you find a nice yacht to charter that has a sky lounge, then it will definitely be worth your while to enjoy it. Yachts with this convenient feature will always be sought-after. It can help to make an already romantic situation even more so. You’ll love the atmosphere that the sky lounge can provide you.

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